Our Cars

Experience a ride in cars you would normally only see in museums.

Our cars are not the show cars you might see in a car show. They are “daily drivers” that means they aren’t perfect or completely original. They will rattle, they might even roll and if it rains it gets even more exciting. There will be some chips and marks left by previous passengers, some spanning back 80 years. Most air-conditioning is controlled by winding down the window like the good old days. They will however be fun and wonderful to ride in, and will look amazing in your photos.


1937 Buick Special 8

  • ‘Belinda’ the 1937 Buick is our oldest and certainly most notorious vehicle, having served as the getaway car in a 1947 New Zealand bank robbery which saw her reach speeds of 180km/h in an ensuing police chase which ended in a shoot-out.
  • This fully restored 80-year-old car will take you back to a wonderful era when traveling in a car was exciting and an experience to be enjoyed.
  • This car can comfortably take up to 4 passengers with three in the back and one riding  up front. No seat belts are included. 

1958 Cadillac Fleet-wood Limousines -

A luxury 6 seater - The limo's to the stars.

  • As the only pair of Cadillac Limousines in New Zealand, our identical vehicles are extremely rare and create immediate star power which is perfectly suited for larger groups looking to make an entrance.
  • Unmistakable 1950s glamour on the outside meets a rumbling big block V8 engine and interior modifications designed to create a smooth, comfortable ride for up to six passengers.     
  • ‚ÄčTravel like the stars, once called Americas Rolls Royce, even Elvis owned one!

  • Great for a larger group carrying six passengers.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air - The original American classic!

  • If you’re after colour and a whole lotta chrome, our two identical Chevrolet Bel Air Pillarless Hardtops add fun, flavour and an element of rock n’ roll.
  • Having travelled halfway around the world to take their place on Waiheke, our Chevrolets have been professionally modified from left-hand drive, providing additional safety features and powerful V8 engines. 
  • Comfortably seating four passengers with air-conditioning, these American classics add an incredible point of difference and all-important pop of colour to Waiheke Island.