There are a number of reasons to choose Waiheke, but here are just a few...


The beaches,

Waiheke has a myriad of beach types from fine silky sands to course stones, whichever takes your fancy, you’ll find it on Waiheke, only a short drive from each other and all astonishingly beautiful.

It’s not uncommon for us to be walking along a pristine beach, and find ourselves the only ones on it. A surreal feeling when you look across the Hauraki Gulf and see the bustling city of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city in the distance.



The people,

Old-style community spirit is alive and well here, which makes Waiheke not only beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside as well.

Waiheke Island has 10,000 permanent residences, nearly a third of which were born outside of New Zealand.

Its highly diverse community full of artists, musicians, writers, poets, actors, and the rich and famous. We have an over representation of talented people. This means community events are a spectacle to behold.


The Climate,

Waiheke Island has its own microclimate, its 92 square kilometres and 133.5 kilometre coastline surrounded by the waters of the inner Hauraki Gulf keep the winters from getting too cold and the summers from getting too hot, which is perfect for growing wine, which is why Waiheke is now know as the Island of Wine.



The Birdlife,

Public enemy number one to our freshly cleaned classic cars, are the birds which are so abundant on Waiheke. We are lucky if birds don’t leave their mark on our cars between washes.

Waiheke Island is blessed with an abundance of bird life some of whom I have rarely seen on the mainland. Tui seem as abundant on Waiheke, as Sparrows are in Auckland, their song can be heard all over the Island and the beautiful Kakariki while rarely seen on the mainland are doing well here, their morning chatter can make sleeping in a challenge if a flock decide to roost in a neighbouring tree for the night. The Kereru our large native wood pigeon is commonplace here, getting themselves in trouble during harvest season overindulging on ferment grapes and berries. Yes, drunk bird rescue is a thing on the Island.


And lest we forget, the wines,

What is not to love about siting in the sun enjoying a great wine at one of our many vineyards.  

We are spoilt here with around 30 boutique wineries on the Island to choose from. Producing mainly red wines base on the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc grapes, each week I seem to find a new favourite.

So why not join us at Waiheke Classic Tours and maybe you will find your own new favourite.



Posted by Waiheke Admin on June 10, 2021